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Risky Work, Sweet Rewards

Risky Work, Sweet Rewards

By Laura Nichols


HENRIETTA -- Some of the riskiest work that New York winemakers do has the sweetest reward.

Nine western New York wineries entered 14 wines in the third annual New York Ice Wine Competition, which was judged in a blind tasting Friday at Rochester Institute of Technology. It was limited to wines produced in New York, with grapes grown in the state that froze naturally on the vines before harvest. The Best of Show winner and the medalists will be announced Monday.

“Letting it hang so long on the vine, it concentrates a lot of the flavor,” Jonathan Oakes, winemaker for Leonard Oakes Estate Winery in Medina, Orleans County, said by phone about ice wines, which are higher in sugar than most other wines. “... The acidity (that the grapes develop) is a natural protection” from microbes.

Around Town This Weekend

Around Town This Weekend

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Specials & Events This Week

Specials & Events This Week

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Buffalo's Big Deal & Around Town this Weekend!

Buffalo's Big Deal & Around Town this Weekend!

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