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Ellicott Creek Park in Buffalo, NY an Update | Commentary

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Ellicott Creek Park in Buffalo, NY an Update
Parks can be a great place to take your children to for outdoor activities. The best part of about going to local parks is it is free and there is plenty of room to engage you children in fitness activities. About a year ago the writer did a story on local parks in Buffalo, NY and Ellicott Creek Park in Western, NY was mentioned in one of the articles.  Well, Ellicott Creek Park has a new addition added on to it, an outside fitness center that can help you in your efforts to get fit. The writer was there with his daughter a couple of days ago. The center is shaped in a circle with about 6 stations to work different muscle groups from your upper body to your lower body.  Some of the stations have adjustable weights built in to increase strength, resistance and stamina. All of the stations are wheel chair accessible and some can be used if you have a disability.  This new addition to this park makes an even more ideal place to take your children and now there is a center for the adults to enjoy as well.  Even with winter around the corner there is still plenty of time to enjoy one of these great parks in Buffalo NY with all the fall foliage to view as well.  Here is the web-link to check it out, http://www2.erie.gov/parks/index.php?q=ellicott-creek


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