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Local Company Provides Personalized Weather Forecasts
Local Company Provides Personalized Weather Forecasts

Personal forecasts, provided with pinpoint accuracy, save clients time and money

 Buffalo, NY – Weather Medic, Inc. of North Tonawanda, a service that provides personalized weather forecasts that focus on the specific needs of individual clients, has helped provide forecasts for those who work in agriculture, construction, wind turbine construction, film production, weather-related insurance claims, court cases and more. Individuals have used the services of Weather Medic for special events like weddings, honeymoons and festivals.

Weather Medic provides clients in weather-sensitive situations with reliable, timely meteorological information in an affordable manner.

Weather Medic president and founder Jack Kanack realizes everyone is affected by the weather, that’s why he started a business in 2011 that specializes in not only forecasting the weather so clients can plan properly, but detailing each forecast in easy-to-understand terms.

The professional staff at Weather Medic constantly utilizes the latest computer models, radar and satellite information and couples that information with years of experience to ensure forecasts are provided as accurately as possible.

How it works:

  • Weather Medic forecasts are geographic-specific for a client’s exact location and function
  • Forecasts are not for a general region such as those broadcast on the radio or TV
  • Weather Medic starts with a long-range forecast to give clients the opportunity to plan their project around the weather. Weather forecasts become more point-specific as the project date draws closer, giving clients as detailed a look at the weather as science allows. We also provide start and end times of precipitation, intensity of precipitation, severe weather and other client-specified weather parameters.
  • Using GPS coordinates, Weather Medic radar is precise within a 100 foot area, pinpointing a geographical location and minimizing the unexpected
  • Weather Medic can determine how fast, what direction, and how far a storm is from a client’s location, providing the client with a specific stop time to maximize work potential.
  • Fees for Weather Medic services are scoped and determined on a case by case basis

“Weather Medic does more than tell clients there is a 40 percent chance of rain; they give start and end times of rain, intensity of rain and character of rain so clients have the information needed to complete time-sensitive outdoor activities,” Kanack said. “Instead of general statements on an expected afternoon of rain, Weather Medic will tell you the specific hour rain will hit.”

While Weather Medic cannot guarantee a forecast, the company can provide accurate, location-specific weather details that greatly aid in planning. 

Weather Medic also provides research work and report writing for insurance companies and attorneys.

Kanack specializes in finding historical weather data for insurance companies – an example would be telling an insurance company the probability of a hurricane striking the gulf coast based on historical weather data so these companies can have their actuaries produce rate tables.

He has found historical weather data to forensically recreate weather conditions for lawyers in regards to weather related traffic and slip and fall cases.

In his latest weather project, Kanack is modeling the prediction of frost depth using temperature, day length and sun angle.

“I answer and solve any weather related issue - if you are in a weather sensitive business, let me show you how to make money and get more jobs completed without compromising worker safety,” Kanack said. “If you are in insurance, let me help your actuaries determine weather risk. If you are in law, let me help you forensically recreate past weather conditions. If you are an individual with a weather sensitive event – let me help you get rid of those weather frustrations and make the weather work for you.”



Thomas Niziol, meteorologist-in-charge, Buffalo weather forecasting office:

"Jack Kanack became the official cooperative observer at the North Tonawanda site on April 1, 1982, when the station began reporting daily temperature, precipitation and snowfall data for the National Weather Service. He provides critical weather information that affects the northern suburbs of Buffalo, along with the eastern suburbs of the city of Niagara Falls in one of the snowiest metropolitan locations in the country."


Dr. Steven Vermette, PhD. Meteorology and Professor, Geography & Planning at Buffalo State College:

"Jack Kanack is keenly aware of Western New York’s unique weather and respected by those in the weather community. It is my observation that Weather Medic works hard to satisfy its client’s issues - making your weather issues its own."


Scott Meador, Vice President of Shermco Industries, electrical power system and wind generator repair, maintenance, testing and training:

“During the construction of a wind turbine, low wind speeds are critical to maintain safety and erect tower sections, nacelle and blades. Because Jack was able to provide accurate hour-by-hour weather data for our latitude-longitude, Shermco was able to maintain a construction schedule and find windows of opportunity.”


Kanack, who started recording daily weather from his North Tonawanda home nearly 30 years ago, received a bachelor’s degree in geoscience from Buffalo State College and continued his education with specific weather-related courses, including Synoptic Meteorology, Climatology, Weather Broadcasting, Global Warming and an Independent Study in Meteorology. He has also served as a weather observer for the National Weather Service. In 2008 Kanack received the prestigious John Campanius Holm Award for outstanding service in the Cooperative Weather Observer Program.


For more information on Weather Medic or to request an interview, contact Jack Kanack at (716) 245-5755.


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