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'Fairy House Festival' Looks to Grow in Year Two at Artpark | Arts & Culture

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'Fairy House Festival' Looks to Grow in Year Two at Artpark
'Fairy House Festival' Looks to Grow in Year Two at Artpark

Epic concerts, Broadway-quality musicals and performances by world-class musicians -- these are the things that put Artpark on the global map, and placed the Lewiston facility at the head of the class for Western New York performing arts venues.

So, Artpark & Company's production manager, Susan Stimson, admits she had some trepidation when pitching the "Fairy House Festival," an all-day, fairy-based outdoor children's activity.

"Last year's event was our first annual and we did not know what to expect," Stimson said. "It is like having a party and being scared no one will come."

Fortunately, "We had over 3,000 people and the atmosphere was beautiful and reminiscent of old Artpark days when they had large-scale children's and arts activities all year round," she said. "The weather was perfect -- it was such a positive, nature-based and relaxed affair. We had so much positive feedback. It was a lot of work, but we are thrilled that is has taken off."

Children's author Tracy Kane, who penned the "Fairy House" series, was on hand for Artpark's first festival.

"It's a great one," she said. "Susan has done a fabulous job in getting the whole community involved -- from schoolchildren to artists -- building fairy houses.

"She was inspired by the first event. She came out to Port Smith, New Hampshire, where we did our first fairy house event ever -- I did with a community back eight years ago. And when Susan came to see it, she thought it was a perfect venue for Artpark."

Fairy houses are miniature structures built with all-natural ingredients -- sticks, stones, moss, leaves, pine cones -- that kind of thing.

Artpark's "Fairy House Festival" has expanded to two days this summer. It runs from noon until 5 p.m. Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10. Click here to find more information and to read the full story on the Niagara Frontier Publications website.

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