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Rescue Mission Needs Your Help

The above is a video of Gloria. Gloria was rescued by Farm Sanctuary, and was a victim of severe neglect. For the first 8 years of her life she lived at a racetrack to calm the horses. She was tied to a wall, with no room to walk, roam, or really move at all, and she had no contact with any animals, other than being able to see them move about, as she remained tied. Gloria didn't know how to be a goat, she had never been allowed to prior to coming home to Farm Sanctuary, and as you can see, she can certainly play now!

For her, and so many other rescues just like her I am, with Merge Restaurant, hosting a chinese auction on Monday September 27th from 5-8pm. The auction celebrates this years Walk for Farm Animals, and helps to bring awareness to those who may not be aware of Farm Sanctuary, or the walk. Tickets will be $30 with alcoholic beverages, and $20 with non-alcoholic beverages, and will also include food and entertainment for the evening. Raffle tickets for the auction items will be 5 tickets for $5, or 15 tickets for $10. A portion of the door fee, and 100% of the raffle tickets sold will go to Farm Sanctuary.

I think what is most important for everyone to understand is this. I am vegan, but you do not have to be to support the work that Farm Sanctuary does. You are no different than I am, and you would not be out of place in joining us. Everyone can support a different part of what Farm Sanctuary does. If you care, then we have something in common, and nothing else matters. Not only does Farm Sanctuary rescue and house farm animals on their rolling 175 acre Watkins Glen farm, or their 300 plus acre farm in Orland California. They also work to educate the public on where their food is really coming from, and how to make a change so that the animals used in the food industry are treated well, and with care. They also advocate for changes to be made to ban inhumane practices in the food animal industries.

There has been an outpouring of support from local shops, artisans and salons. I assure you that there will be something there for every person that walks through the doors, from tattoos to handbags, from hats to paintings, and lots of things in between. For a complete list of items, to donate, or for any other details please email me at Veganleggs80@yahoo.com, or give me a call at 716-803-0974. 


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