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Keep Warm and Keep Well During Cold Weather | Weather

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Keep Warm and Keep Well During Cold Weather
Keep Warm and Keep Well During Cold Weather

A Message from Kenmore Mercy Hospital

As temperatures in Western New York drop to the single digits this week, physicians at Kenmore Mercy encourage people to stay safe.

People living with lung conditions are at particular risk for feeling the cold more. Michael S. Gough, MD, a pulmonologist at Kenmore Mercy Hospital said, “These cold snaps lead to an increase in wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath that can be frightening and sometimes even dangerous to individuals with respiratory diseases such as COPD or sever asthma.” 

He offers suggestions to these individuals to avoid the worsening of their condition. Such tips are also good practice for otherwise healthy individuals.  

˙   Only go outside if necessary and don’t stay out long

˙   Keep a stock of medications so you don’t have to go out during very cold weather

˙   Wear several layers and warmer clothing, even at night

˙   Cover your mouth with a scarf

˙   Keep your home well ventilated

People are also reminded to avoid prolonged exposure to below-freezing temperatures, to prevent frostbite.  Frostbite can take only a few minutes to set in if you are unprotected in temperatures like this. If you venture out, make sure to cover your extremities like fingers, toes, and ears.

If you think you are or someone you know has frost bite or is suffering from a respiratory problem due to the cold, be sure they see a doctor right away. 


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