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Niagara SPCA "Nominating Committee" Blacklists Animal Advocates | Pets

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Niagara SPCA "Nominating Committee" Blacklists Animal Advocates
Niagara SPCA "Nominating Committee" Blacklists Animal Advocates

I spoke too soon, yet again... Every time I think things are improving, I am smacked back into reality by the corruption and cronyism that is the Niagara SPCA Board of Directors.

I have just been informed that Carol Tutzauer, trusted animal welfare professional and President of Buffalo Humane has been DISCOUNTED by the Niagara SPCA's "nominating committee," and will NOT be allowed for consideration at the May election. The reason given for Ms. Tutzauer's dismissal? She is "too outspoken."   The animals suffer for DECADES because of board members too meek, uninterested or uninformed to speak up, and Ms. Tutzauer is immediately discounted for being a well-educated, animal knowledgeable, community leader?!?  God forbid, Ms. Tutzauer knows what steps are needed to save lives and bring the Niagara County SPCA into the 21st century. I'm sure the countless SPCA members who nominated Ms. Tutzauer for board position will be as thrilled as I am to hear about this shameful turn of events.

It is crystal clear that this "nominating committee," hand picked by current Board President, Bruno 'Screwup' Scrufari and his "handler" Paul Cambria is a complete farce. The nominating committee includes CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS personally responsible for the hideous malfeasance and cruelty suffered by the animals, an SPCA staff member well known to the public for being biased and divisive, a "do nothing" SPCA driver and impotent "animal protector," who sat idly by for OVER THIRTY YEARS, as animals were tortured via "heart stick" and the bodies piled higher. Let's not forget good ol' Paul Cambria, SPCA attorney and brains behind every stall tactic we've been forced to endure since January. We see this committee's true colors. This entire ordeal is incredibly corrupt and the nonsense has gone on long enough. As a whole, the nominating committee seems much less interested in moving forward and doing better for these animals and a lot more interested in maintaining the status quo.  SHAME ON THE THEM.

URGENT ACTION ALERT:  We should ALL make our disgust palpable..  Scrufari's "nominating committee" can still choose to overturn this hideous error and give the voting members the opportunity to have THEIR voices heard in May!  



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