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Niagara Aquarium baby seal has a name

NIAGARA FALLS, NY – Saturday was a special day for the Aquarium of Niagara. A christening ceremony was held to announce the name of the aquarium's new seal pup.

Voters were able to choose from one of four names: Bart, Jax, Cruz or Moe. After tallying up all of the votes, aquarium workers announced the winning name. The seal will henceforth be known as Cruz.

Little Cruz has quite the story. He's actually blind. He was found abandoned on a beach in California when he was just two years old.

Fortunately, he was rescued and brought to Niagara Falls where it's apparent he has found a happy home.

Niagara Falls Company Admits to Releasing Harmful Gas

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - A Niagara Falls company admits it was acting negligently when it released hazardous gas into the air, affecting some people who were nearby.

The company is called Tier NY. According to the plea agreement 2 On Your Side obtained, the company admits it was negligent when in June 2013 the company improperly released hydrochloric acid gas from their property.

The gas can cause eye irritation and burns, and it can even be deadly.

"A giant cloud containing this highly poisonous gas, hydrochloric acid type gas, did travel from the location of the Tier Corporation to a neighboring business," said U.S. Attorney William Hochul.

Teen driver sentenced to 6 months for fatal DWI crash

LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- A 19-year-old will spend just six months in jail for the car crash that killed her teenage friend and injured another passenger.

Taylor Clause was sentenced Friday in Niagara County Court, where the victim's father and aunt spoke directly to her.

"You're getting a sentence of six months in jail and five years probation," said Jasmin Dubuc's father, Dr. Stephen Dubuc. "On May 19, 2013, you gave me, Audrey, and Chase a life sentence. We will never see our baby girl again in this life."

Jasmin Dubuc was just 19 years old and a new mom to her infant son Chase. She died when the car drive by Clause crashed into a utility pole last May.

USCIS Declares ‘Mother’ and ‘Parent’ No Longer Requires Genetic Relationship

USCIS Declares ‘Mother’ and ‘Parent’ No Longer Requires Genetic Relationship


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a new policy on Oct. 28, 2014, that has altered the definitions of “mother” and “parent” so that gestational mothers using assisted reproductive technology (ART) may be able to transfer their U.S. citizenship to their children. An example of such ART would be a woman who became pregnant through an egg donor. Previously, a genetic relationship with a U.S. citizen parent was required in order for a child born abroad to acquire citizenship at birth through his or her parent.

Niagara County lawmakers unanimously approved two resolutions Tuesday protesting a multi-million dollar tax burden placed on the county.

LOCKPORT, N.Y. – Niagara County lawmakers unanimously approved two resolutions Tuesday protesting a multi-million dollar tax burden placed on the county, stemming from a decision in Albany to change the state budget formula for a welfare program.

The legislature's resolutions address the "Safety Net" program, which the state offers to eligible residents after their federal "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families" (TANF) stipend expires after 60 months. Up until 2011, the state and local counties split the costs evenly, each paying 50 percent of the costs. After 2011, though, a change in the state budget altered the formula, forcing the counties to pay 71 percent of the costs.

Two arrested for damaging memorial bench in Lockport

LOCKPORT, N.Y.- Two men accused of vandalizing a memorial benching honoring a fallen Western New York soldier pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Spencer Lupo, 20, and Garrett Sheehan, 21, were arraigned in City of Lockport Court on charges of second degree criminal mischief. A judge set their bail at $2,500 each, which both subjects posted.

Police announced Monday night the two were arrested for destroying a memorial bench honoring Albert Jex, a Lockport native who was killed in Iraq in 2009 by a suicide bomber. A new bench honoring Jex has since been installed.

Lupo and Sheehan face a maximum of seven years in prison.

School bus hits house in Lockport

LOCKPORT, NY-- At least two people are hurt after a school bus crashed into a house in Lockport Tuesday morning.

The accident happened on Middleton Road around 8 a.m. Howard Pirong, the son of the homewoner, said the accident began when a car and the bus crashed into each other at the corner of Main and Middleton, causing the bus to hit the house.

Pirong's father was not hurt in the crash, but was trapped inside his home after the accident.

Priong says he saw both the driver of the bus and the other car were taken to the hospital. No one was on board the school bus at the time of the accident.