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Niagara Falls Man Sentenced for Shooting 2-Year-Old

LOCKPORT, NY-- A Niagara Falls man will spend the next 10 years in prison, for firing the shot that hit a two-year-old girl in the face.

Willie Scott was sentenced Monday for first degree attempted assault.

He admitted in September to firing several shots outside of a Niagara Falls store a year ago.

One of those shots hit the toddler as she sat in a car.

The girl's mother said in court and says the girl is doing well, but still has that bullet in her jaw.

Return Of The Adirondack Moose

For an animal that's not only quite large, but also an iconic symbol of the North, moose in the Adirondack Mountains can be very difficult to find.

Part of that has to do with the vast range of the area, over 6 million acres, but most of the blame for their scarcity falls on man.

Moose were once abundant in the region, but the forests critical to their survival were decimated in the 1800s, and unregulated hunting completed the devastation.

New Memorial for Police Officer Who Died in 1923

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - Ninety years ago Niagara Falls Police Sgt. John Downs was laid to rest here in St. Mary's Cemetery. He was killed in the line of duty -- shot by a suspect he was chasing.

Today he has no family remaining in the area. That's why his modern-day counterparts in the department decided to take action on his behalf.

His original memorial stone was so worn from the weather you could barely make out the words. His comrades have taken care of that.

Watch the whole story in the video player above.

Charges Filed in Fight Caught on Video in Falls

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - Charges have now been filed in connection with a disturbing cell phone video of a fight between two female students who attend Niagara Falls High School. Police arrested   the man seen in the video, John Henry Harris III,  who is also heard on the video encouraging the girls to fight.

One of them is his teenage daughter. The other girl is the granddaughter of Emmett Cox. Cox says, "Talking to her like some kind of vicious animal. I mean like a madman. You know, I'm saying whoa, man. This is crazy." 

We removed the audio because of constant swearing in the video.

Shyloe Staples, 15, is Cox's granddaughter. She is seen fighting in the leopard-skin jacket.  She told us today, after watching the video again, that she and the other girl had started trash talking at school before the fight.

New Pre-Check Program for Airport Security Screening

Cheektowaga, NY - A new security screening program at Buffalo Niagara International Airport may save us from those trying moments like removing our shoes or belts.

It's something more of us may notice as we catch a flight soon or with the upcoming holiday travel frenzy.

Actually it's already at the Buffalo Niagara airport and today they invited us in to help publicize the Pre - check program.
Basically they're hoping to streamline the system with more advance information on a traveler's identification to avoid some of those cumbersome search routines like the shoe check, the belt and coat check and the examination of your laptop out of its case.

Some people,  ranging from frequent flyers invited by the airlines to take part, to people enrolled in border secure programs like NEXUS, to members of the armed forces, and passengers under 12 or over 75 years of age already qualify. 

Crosby's is First WNY Convenience Store to Utilize Solar Energy

Crosby's is First WNY Convenience Store to Utilize Solar Energy

Crosby’s, Reid Petroleum, and Montante Solar have announced the installation of a 200 panel, 52 kilowatt ground mounted solar array system at the Crosby’s Lockport, New York location. This project marks the first instance of solar power usage by a Western New York convenience store.

“Throughout our history Crosby’s and Reid Petroleum have focused on doing things differently and adopting innovative approaches to everyday operations as a way to really distinguish our brand from the competition,” said Reid Group Chief Executive Officer Paul Reid. “This new solar array installation will allow us to save money and reduce energy consumption at our Lake Avenue location, while at the same time producing green, renewable power that reduces stress on the regional electric grid.”  

TV Show Shot In Buffalo Airs Tuesday

BUFFALO, NY - Remember back in July when the Skyway was shut down for a few hours with with little explanation?

It turned out that the cast and crew from the hit TV show Top Gear was in town to shoot an episode for their History Channel show.

After getting the needed shots on the Skyway, they moved up to Niagara County for what Tim Clark says is a big surprise.

We'll find out what that surprise is when the episode entitled "Can Cars Float?" airs at 9PM

Watch the story in the viewer above.