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Unanimous Vote to Repeal SAFE Act in Niagara County | News

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Unanimous Vote to Repeal SAFE Act in Niagara County

LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- New York State's new tough gun control law continues to cause controversy and debate.

On Tuesday night, lawmakers in Niagara County voted unanimously to support legislation that many other counties have passed, sending a symbolic message to lawmakers in Albany to repeal the SAFE Act.  

Some frustrated gun owners held a rally before the meeting to voice their concerns, and urge legislators to vote to ask lawmakers to repeal the SAFE Act.

"Not only because it's an assault on the Second Amendment, but because it's an assault on the legislative process," said one person outside the Niagara County courthouse.

Specifically, citizens at the rally say that shrinking the number of bullets in a clip is unnecessary and a five-year renewal of pistol permits is invasive.

"My simple signature along with everybody else accumulated all together we can really, make a difference and really let the politicians at the state-level know how we personally feel about our rights," said Shannon Rutty, a Wilson resident.

On Tuesday night, speaker after speaker came to the Niagara County legislature to voice their frustration about the SAFE ACT. Lawmakers can only encourage Albany to change the law. Democrats and Republicans on the legislature voted saying the SAFE Act is unconstitutional.

Two On Your Side's Jeff Preval questioned lawmakers about their vote.

"I certainly do [feel pressure from residents], I felt it over this last week, I got a lot of phone calls, a lot of emails, a lot of concerned residents and rightfully so, this is our Second Amendment," said David Godfrey, a Republican legislator from the 10th District.

The big question now is whether this vote will actually mean anything. Hopefuls of a repeal of the SAFE Act, say that any message to Albany is better than silence.

Several other counties in Western New York have taken the same action as Niagara County, like Wyoming and Cattaragus counties.

Pro-gun activists who we've talked to say there are parts of the SAFE Act that are good, like keeping guns from people who are mentally ill.

They say they feel for those who have suffered and died in shootings across the country, but the activists don't think the SAFE Act will do much to keep people safe.

County legislators also passed measures urging Albany to revrerse the five-year pistol permit renewal clause and to protect the addresses of all pistol permit holders.


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