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Wilson Property Tax Bills Get Lost in the Mail | News

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Wilson Property Tax Bills Get Lost in the Mail

Wilson, NY - Did you know you still have to pay your property taxes in New York State or face a fine, whether you get your bill or not? Some property owners in the Niagara County town of Wilson are finding that out the hard way because their bills got lost in the mail.

Tax season at Wilson town hall has always been somewhat busy. But this year, it's also just plain "taxing on their time" because of a mistake in the mail. More than 2,000 property tax bills went out in the mail with first class postage on December 30. But now, nearly three weeks later on January 21. Town Supervisor Joseph Jastrzemski says a number of letters remain undelivered.

His statement is based on past practice, that of that batch of 2,000 bills, they usually get about 80 or so back for reasons like change of address, or the relocation or death of the property owner.

But Town Tax Collector Julia Godfrey says "I expect to get those set bills back. And I've received one...one and so that has to tell me that they're still out there floating around."

Buffalo Post Office spokesperson Karen Mazurkiewicz turned down an on camera interview. Mazurkiewicz however did say the Wilson tax bills were quote "mis-routed" and it may have been due to human error with the millions of pieces of mail they handle each day. She is sure now the bills have been delivered but could not guarantee that.

"I think they're just trying to fluff it off as a small little thing. But to lose over two thousand pieces of mail it just makes me wonder," Jastrzemski said.

So now the town is trying to spread the word with special notices to taxpayers, social media, and news stories like this one And they have an option on their town website so that you can actually pull up your tax bill to pay it and send it in. Or you can call 751- 9531, or come in person to town hall.

But the town asks residents to do so by the tax deadline of February 2. That's because even though this was a mail mixup, there is no leniency allowed, according to Jastrzemski

"Please, we urge you to come in and get your tax bill paid because otherwise you're gonna be charged a penalty that cannot be waived under New York State realty property law," Jastrzemski said.

The town has also contacted the United States Postal Service Office of the Consumer Advocate by letter to request a refund of $979.51 for the first class postage fees they say were paid by the town and its taxpayers to mail the bills.


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