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Several Niagara Falls Homes Still Have Frozen Pipes | News

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Several Niagara Falls Homes Still Have Frozen Pipes

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - Last week 2 On Your Side told you about more than a dozen homes with no running water in Niagara Falls, because their pipes are frozen.

On Monday, we're learning many of the problems have been corrected, but several more homes have been impacted because of the cold temperatures.

This is all happening in the LaSalle Neighborhood in Niagara Falls.

"It's terrible, even for one day, I feel it's inhumane," said Cheryl Dutton, a Niagara Falls resident, "we need water to flush the toilets, brush our teeth, shower our kids, cook dinner, wash the laundry, we can't do it."

Since Sunday morning, the water pipes in Dutton's home have been bone dry. And things are piling up, like her dirty dishes, which sit in her kitchen sink.

"Food's been in them since Sunday 8 a.m.," Dutton said.

Dutton says she has to use spring water she bought from the grocery store, to fill her toilet tank, so it'll flush.

"It's uncomfortable for everybody, for the whole family," she said.

Dutton's not the only one who's had it rough in the neighborhood. Last week, about 14 homes on and around 72nd Street noticed their pipes froze. Most of the homes have had their pipes thawed and cleaned, but about four or five additional homes have been put into the deep freeze.

"The cold weather is one cause of the freezing right, obviously, but there is a concern that there is something else that is happening in this area, we don't know what that is," said Mayor Paul Dyster.

One theory is that there's a lack of insulation around the pipes from when the road was re-done a few years ago.

To get water back on for the few homes that are without water, the Niagara Falls Water Board has been connecting drinking water hoses from homes without water to homes with water.

In fact, Dutton got a drinking water hose installed outside her home, so now she has a limited amount of running water.

Some residents are calling on the city to dig up the street again and do a complete overhaul of the pipes. Because some homes are sharing water that means water bills at the homes with water will spike. The water board will give discounts to those residents. The water board would like those who have running water in that neighborhood, to keep their water running, just slightly, to help prevent freezing.

In order to fix the pipes that have recently frozen over, city council plans to approve $10,000 -- so crews can fix those pipes. Mayor Dyster says $45,000 has already been spent to an engineering contractor to fix the problems. This same contractor will investigate why this problem occurred.

Meantime, if people did repair work on their own, they're asked to hold onto those receipts -- so they can hopefully be reimbursed by the city.


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