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Officials: Indictment Pending in Town of Niagara Investigation | News

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Officials: Indictment Pending in Town of Niagara Investigation

NIAGARA, N.Y. - In the Town of Niagara, officials say charges could soon be filed in an investigation that's been going on there for nearly two years.

The FBI and the state Attorney General's office have been working the criminal probe.

Authorities decline to say what their focus is. But, local council members who have been questioned in the inquiry are getting updates from investigators.

"The focus that I'm aware of has been on improper use of town resources, I guess that's the best way to put it," said council member Rob Clark, who has met with investigators several times over the past two years.

Steve Richards is the supervisor of the town.

And according to Clark and council member Charles Teixeira, the questions from authorities have been specifically on Richards.

The questions include how business works at town hall and how Richards handles his duties -- all part of a grand jury probe that multiple town employees have been asked to testify in.

And Clark says the grand jury has completed or is nearing completion of its work.

Clark says that an indictment is likely to happen soon, but cannot offer more specifics.

"It wouldn't be right to give out the information of who exactly has told us, people with knowledge have told us [charges are imminent]," Clark said.

It's unclear how many charges would be filed in the indictment, which could name several officials in the Town of Niagara.

But Clark and Texiera say they've been assured they're not part of the investigation. Richards has hired Buffalo criminal defense attorney Rodney Personius. Both Richards and Personius say they have no comment on this report.


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