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Eight Safety Tips for Western New York Runners | Health

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Eight Safety Tips for Western New York Runners
Eight Safety Tips for Western New York Runners

As an avid runner, Buffalo attorney John Feroleto has run races from the mile to the Boston Marathon. And while he enjoys running as a way to stay in shape, relieve stress and build camaraderie and friendships, he also knows the importance of safety when hitting the pavement.

Following are eight safety tips for runners, courtesy of John Feroleto, Attorneys at Law:

  1. Always run facing traffic. By facing traffic you can jump or dive to the side if a driver isn’t moving over. Never assume a driver is paying attention. Make eye contact and nod or wave as necessary.
  2. At an intersection, wait for the driver to allow you through or to see you. Many runners are hit by a driver looking left for traffic while turning right.
  3. Never assume a driver sees you. We live in a gadget crazy society and a driver may be dialing a phone, texting, entering an address into a GPS, changing CDs, watching a movie or just plain daydreaming. While you are keenly aware of the vehicle, the driver may not be aware of you.
  4. Be seen! During the day wear bright-colored clothes, and at night wear reflective clothes. Consider an inexpensive clip-on light.
  5. Be aware of what is around you. Listening to your iPod is great, but it will limit your ability to hear what or who is around you. Unless running with a group, leave the iPod home.
  6. Run with a friend, especially in areas you are not familiar with or in remote areas. Running with a friend or a group offers protection.
  7. Be aware of dogs. If you come across an aggressive dog, look ahead and continue running at an even pace. If a dog comes up close, be sure to high kick behind you to prevent the dog from getting close while firmly yelling “No!”
  8. During group runs, tuck into single file for cars to pass. Allow at least three feet for passing cars. Issue clear and consistent signals to your group, such as “car ahead” or “car behind.”

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