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County Clerk Says It's Not Too Late to Enroll in TEENs Notification Service | Families

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County Clerk Says It's Not Too Late to Enroll in TEENs Notification Service

LOCKPORT, N.Y. - Niagara County Clerk Wayne F. Jagow wants parents and guardians of young drivers to know about the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) Teen Electronic Event Notification Service or TEENS.

TEENS is a voluntary free service offered by the DMV that provides an opportunity for the parent or guardian of a minor, under the age of 18, to be notified in the event that a ticket, conviction, suspension, revocation or crash appears on the minor’s driver’s license record.  The TEENS program is the first resource to be made available through MyDMV, an online resource for DMV customers.

“TEENS is a very helpful new service for parents or guardians,” said Mr. Jagow.  “Signing up is quick and convenient, and can be done at any one of our three DMV locations, by mail or online.”  From May 2010 through October, there have been more than 12,700 enrollees in the program. Most enrollments have been completed at county clerk DMV offices.

If enrolling in a DMV office, the service must be requested at the time the minor applies for his or her original driver permit or non-driver ID. Parents who do not enroll at the time of the minor’s original permit or non-driver ID application may enroll by mail with a TEENS enrollment form (available at a county clerk office), or online through MyDMV.

“Research tells us that parental involvement is vital to teens making smart choices when driving,” said state DMV Commissioner David J. Swarts. “The TEENS program is just one more way that parents and guardians can be involved in providing positive guidance to young drivers.”

Previously, TEENS alerted parents of convictions, suspension, revocations and crashes.  The program now includes notification when a teen receives a ticket, so that the parent can be immediately alerted of possible problems in their minor’s driving performance.  When a reportable event occurs, parents or guardians will receive a notification from DMV in the mail, but can also choose to receive notification via e-mail.  In order to participate, a younger driver must be under the age of 18 and the parent or guardian must have a valid New York State driver license or non-driver ID.

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among young people ages 16-24.  Young drivers account for only 12 percent of all drivers, yet they constitute 20 percent of drivers involved in crashes. The majority of crashes occur during the first six months of licensed driving when young, inexperienced drivers have not yet adequately developed key driving skills and habits such as: Driving attention, visual search strategies, speed relative to conditions, hazard recognition and emergency maneuvers.

More information on the TEENS program and other resources for young drivers can be found by visiting www.nysdmv.com

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