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Niagara Falls to Pay Neighbors Who Lost Water

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- The Niagara Falls City Council approved more than four-thousand dollars in payments Monday to people on 72nd Street who dealt with frozen pipes last winter.

Six neighbors who live on the street filed claims asking the city to pay their bills for work done when they lost water. They paid out-of-pocket to have professionals thaw their pipes.

Charles McCombs says he called the city and water board last winter when he was having problems.

"They both more or less told us you need it unfrozen call a plumber. Pay for it yourself," said McCombs.

So he did. Then he filed his claim asking for reimbursement. The six neighbors will split a little more than four-thousand dollars. McCombs is getting $568. The city council voted 4-0 to approve the payments.

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Payouts Approved for Some NF Residents Who Had Frozen Pipes Last Winter

NIAGARA FALLS, N,Y. - Some homeowners in Niagara Falls are celebrating their long awaited compensation for their frozen pipes from last winter on 72nd Street. 

Niagara Falls City Council approved $4,049.92 to be split among six residents of 72nd Street that were affected by freezing pipes.

George Vacanti, a resident of 72nd Street said he didn't believe they would get paid out, "I really didn't believe this was gonna happen but I'm glad something is finally comin' about. I had to hire a plumber contractor to come here and thaw out my pipes which took about 20 minutes and it cost me $487."

He was obviously not alone with the struggle to get his water service back or file a claim for plumbing costs.

72nd Street Water Line Fix Heads Toward Completion

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - Work continues to replace water pipes on 72nd Street at the proper depth so they might not freeze again this winter.

For the past two winters, several residents have gone without water for several weeks on end when the supply lines to their homes froze in bitter temperatures. It was also revealed that some of the pipes beneath the street were only buried at a depth of two feet or so, which is two feet above the frost line.

The pipes are owned and operated by the Niagara Falls Water Board, and thus are its responsibility.

When the city announced it was going ahead with the special capital improvement project in August, in an effort to fix the problem itself, Mayor Paul Dyster also expressed a hope that the work would be finished by mid-November.

The Seeds of Violence

The Seeds of Violence


By Haneen Khalid

Peshawar, Paris, Beirut- these are not one-off, isolated, contained pockets of dysfunction. They mirror something very fundamental about the human condition as a whole.

Violence is not merely the use of force. It is not the child of the battlefield, or the killing of innocents; it is not the use of firearms or fists. Violence is the seed planted in our drawing rooms and over our dining tables, in our classrooms and our marketplaces, in our sermons and our TV studios.

Every single time we glorify the 'self' and dehumanize the 'other'- by virtue, by race, by ethnicity, by nationality, by caste, by religion, by sex, by income group- the seed of violence is planted:

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Yahoo celebrates five years in Lockport

LOCKPORT, NY - Yahoo is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Lockport data center by adding to its team. The company help a job fair Saturday as it looks to hire around 30 new employees in both technical jobs and customer service.

Yahoo says the company's growth is a reflection of all the great tech talent here in Western New York.

Anyone who didn't make the job fair can check out open positions on Yahoo's website.

Celebrate the Annual Lockport Tour of Homes on November 28

Celebrate the Annual Lockport Tour of Homes on November 28

A boomtown during the Erie Canal days, Lockport is home to many magnificent mansions built by its leading citizens in the 1800s. And now you can stroll through some of these historic homes as part of the Light Up Lockport holiday kickoff festivities on Saturday, Nov. 28.

Most of the homes included on this tour were not on the 2014 tour. Tickets can be picked up from 2 to 6 p.m. on the day of the tour at the Kenan Center, 433 Locust St., and will be your passport to guide you to the wonderful homes on this Explore Buffalo tour. A limited number of tickets are available.

End your tour at the Palace Theatre with holiday cookies from 4 to 6 p.m. At 6 p.m., head outside to enjoy the holiday parade and tree-lighting before returning to the Palace Theatre for a free showing of The Polar Express at 7 p.m.

Coalition Fights $15 Minimum Wage Proposal

APPLETON, N.Y. -- Governor Cuomo wants to phase in a statewide $15 an hour minimum wage by 2021. While ultimately it's up to the legislature to approve or reject the plan, a new coalition of 26 business groups is fighting it.

Jim Bittner is a first generation fruit farmer. While his primary crop is apples, his orchard produces several kinds of fruit.

"We also grow a lot of peaches, cherries, plums, prunes, apricots, nectarines. Pretty much anything you can grow on a tree," says Bittner.

Bittner's five-hundred acre orchard in Appleton along Lake Ontario employs thirty people this time of year. The majority pick fruit.

"They learn how to grab the apple and tip it up and snap the stem off," he explains.

No one at Bittner's orchard is working for minimum wage, but he worries that if it goes up people would expect raises.